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  1. Implementing the changelog on the site where you download the new version would be really nice. With full shown changelog for the current version and for the older ones something like a drop-down field to safe space. You guys and girls should really think about this, it makes everything a lot easier and everyone sees it.
  2. HolySoap

    White Balance

    Just a simple white balance Macro using a 50% gray and threshold layer. Little notes: - move the Threshold slider to this point where the first black dots pop up - the marked Threshold slider is not working properly (mouse wheel and arrow keys dont work), to fix this use the mouse for 1% at the time - mark one of the black dots, delete the 50% gray and Threshold Layer - use the White Balance Picker on this spot (the picker uses only ONE pixel [sadly], so zoom in as far as you can) white_balance.zip
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