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  1. I had lightroom pass the photo to affinity photo. I went into Develop persona as I wanted wanted to change contrast and it froze when I tried to enter an actual number via the keypad pop up. Current version of iOS on an iPad Air 2
  2. Is anything happening here? Right now I have a useless piece of software
  3. File types not found include: Dng, Nikon raw, Sony raw, JPEG tif
  4. Thought I had already posted this. Sorry for the la k of clarity. 1) I can find and open photos both on my iPad and from iCloud in any other photo app. In affinity photo when I try and start a new Panorama or open an image a pictures are not found. A select group of local photos, but most are missing. The file type doesn't seem to matter, jpg raw tif, Nikon or Sony raw files or Apple photo JPEG. I can get images into affinity by saving them to iCloud in apple photo and then finding them in affinity- but that is ridiculous
  5. Sorry: 1) open affinity and start a panorama 2) try to find pictures locally to add to panorama- they are not found although I can find them in other photo apps include apple photo, ps express etc. 3) try to get the same photos from iCloud- still in the new panorama select items - no folder for photos is found although every other app finds them 4) if I export the photos inside the apple photo app and save them to iCloud I can then find them and import them in the affinity app - but so what; that is way to time consuming, not to mention silly. Same issue if I just start with a single photo - missing photos locally and in iCloud- but only for affinity, other apps find them all.
  6. Try to add a new photo or panorama, select local source, many pictures are missing although I just opened them in the photo app. Go to iCloud and no photos are there to select although entire picture collection is up there. I have been able to open files that I export through the photo app , but that is slow and awkward so right now Affinity is useless.