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  1. thanks MEB. I see, we better to use option PDF or EPS or SVG for inporting to the adove illustrator right? we feel that the SVG exporting option will be best for object of logo or font or painting or illustration to the illustrator, or do you recommend other of PDF or EPS?
  2. thanks for reply. I don't see menu for [.ai export] at "preset PDF" under 'MORE' as this screen shot.
  3. Hello, we just begin to work with Affinity 1.5, as this screen shot, it seems the Affinity does not support export the document to .ai format of the illustrator on MAC. what format of Affinity export setting do we use for the illustrator on MAC which will inport Affinity document? we see that .svg format can keep Affinity data of object, layer, line, font, etc.
  4. vimeo.com/channels/affinitydesigner I can't comment vimeo address...?
  5. affinity tutorial is only on https://vimeo.com/channels/affinitydesigner/ ?
  6. Hi, how do we add new style using some "texture" picture or photo as this screen shot? we want paste it new texture style on some letter or font to create logo font.
  7. Hi thanks. bytheway, please let me see detail about more steps of same the sample as open svg and select all nodes and convert........ smooth curve....
  8. Hi, JimmyJack. > Just riffing off of the pressure profile method.... > > I saved as an svg and reduced the points. thanks for it sample. but, we still ask about how do we make that shape ring as this screen shot: "ring2.png" please let me see how steps to make this shape ring.
  9. Hi, PixelPest. > Posted Today, 05:42 PM > Why not use the "pressure" property of the stroke? I did try it the stroke mode after made a doughnut as your screen shot: PressureProperty.jpg, but still cannot change to my design shape as your sample of black doughnut using "pressure" small window setup. I adjust my "pressure" small window by 4 points setup as this screen shot: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-2-paint.png but, my sample red doughnut does not change as your chape of sample black doughnut. please let us know details of that how do I touch the stroke menu or Fill of Elipse or other.
  10. Hi, we now use Affinity Designer please advice about the line/bezier work of Affinity designer. we now confuse to use bezier work. 1) we design 2 rings/circles object as attachment: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-1.png --> we use 2 of the doughnut cicle mode. 2) we did add 2 small cicle to connect 2 big cicle as attachment: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-2.png ask1-bezier work_2 lings-3.png 3) after export it to .png that connect point will be the gray damage part(blue mark) as attachment: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-4.png can we integrate that big circle and small circle to one of integration object befer before export? or can you advice us other step/work for this damage issue? and, another work for the painting. we cannot find which menu and step to paint it 2 big circle object as attachment: *before paint: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-1.png *after paint: ask1-bezier work_2 lings-1-paint.png (we did paint this by another paint client, not use Affinity designer.) can you advice us other step/work for the painting in bezier object?
  11. Hi, > seems to be that if you're uploading an Affinity Designer file (.afdesign) not only .afdesign, we plan to upload some file type of .psd .eps .png .jpg .tiff .afdesign using Affinity Designer for one item to GraphicRiver. > If you're uploading a .psd file then you're best to just put the most recent version of CC they have available on their list we will upload .psd file too, so do you recommend us to select "CC" or "CC2015" on the selector of "Minimum Adobe CS version" ?
  12. > so perhaps I can give a definitive answer - as best as I can. thanks, we wait for you. > The PSD format documentation is a little inconclusive on this front also, since features that were added at some point may have changed in more recent versions. it seems that your mention is about recent CC or CC** version.
  13. thanks for reply, the help page of https://help.market.envato.com display below, ---------------------------- Help Center > Selling and being an Author > Getting Started A step-by-step guide to the upload process (some info .......) (then below advice) Category & Attributes Choose a suitable category for your file. Select which filetypes are included in your download (you can select multiple items by holding down the CTRL key on Windows or the COMMAND key on OS X). Select which software and versions of software your file can be opened in. Ensure you match any attributes in these forms to the attributes of your file. For example, dimensions on GraphicRiver, polycount on 3DOcean and length on AudioJungle. ---------------------------- and, that selector of "Minimum Adobe CS version" are listing below versions. ---------- CS CS2 CS3 CS4 CS5 CS5.5 CS6 CC CC2014 CC2015 N/A ---------- maybe do we better to select "N/A" if does Affinity Designer 1.5.1 not provide compatible files for Adobe CS or CC?
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