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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, MEB. That's great to know, and will wait for it.
  2. Hello all, I posted this in the Questions section, but believe it's a better fit as a bug report: When trying to export Radial gradient fills with more than 2 colours or stops to PDF with no rasterisation in CMYK or RGB mode, they get exported as flat white fills. If presets are used (PDF for print, PDF X/3 or X4, for example), Affinity automatically rasterises the gradient-filled shapes, which affects vector fidelity. I've attached a source file and output to illustrate the problem. I'm currently running AD v. 1.5.4. Best regards, R. Radial Gradient Test.afdesign Radial Gradient Test.pdf
  3. Hello all, I just saw this post after I submitted one of my own regarding this issue. You're right: the problem is with radial gradients with more than 2 stops on them. *EDITED: I've attached a test file with the type of radial gradient (3 stops) that creates the problem. If it's exported with no rasterisation, the circle will appear as a white fill. * Does anyone know if this will be fixed? Best regards, R. Radial Gradient Test.afdesign
  4. Hello all, I've been using Affinity Designer for the past couple of weeks and, liking it so far, I'd like to use it as my main illustration / design tool. On a recent project where I decided to ditch other tools in favour of the Affinity suite (so far), I've run into an issue exporting pdf files to send to the print shop (press or prepress ready): Can Designer export radial gradients in CMYK to pdf? I've tried using the Export tool, selecting PDF, without rasterising anything or compressing images, using 300dpi (document resolution) and embedded or selected colour profiles, but I still can't get a radial gradient to show. The only way to do it is allowing for gradient rasterisation, which affects vector fidelity. Is this a program bug to be worked on in future updates, or am I doing something wrong? *EDIT: I've just read on another thread that this is an issue with radial gradients with more than 2 colour stops, and attached a file to illustrate the problem. I'm sorry for duplicating content. Best regards, R. Radial Gradient Test.afdesign