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  1. @SrPx Yeah, I totally agree, switching to color picker using a shortcut and then switching back is just a workaround, since using alt for "temporary invocation" in affinity is so unreliable for me. Way to do it every time is have brush tool selected, then switch to color picker press left mouse button, then while holding still so that magnifier doesn't appear switch to brush tool and move your mouse and then release lmb. It also sometimes happens when switching back to brush tool quickly but then the line doesn't go all the way up to a cursor position. Main thing is this color picker situation. When you paint you just want it to work, you don't care about sniper precision with magnifier tool. You don't even care for color preview of what you select most of the time. Krita has big square previewing the color you select after you hold LMB, but when painting I rarely even use that. I find myself picking color so often even like once per stroke sometimes which is once per second. If there's a lag introduced with color picking or wrong color is picked you put a wrong stroke and have to undo.. You know what I'm getting at... Color picker has to work every time. Thanks for response guys
  2. When using alt for color picker magnifying glass seems to instantly launch and makes my color picker do weird things, making it too frustrating to pick colors quickly. When switching to color picker using a shortcut magnifying glass seems not to even begin loading unless i move cursor a little bit with pen pressure applied, which works great for me since color picking is accurate, fast and just like in other software. However if I switch off color picker too quickly (happens alot) or even before I release pen pressure line appears. Please consider doing something about magnifying glass if it's in fact the cause. It's neat for vector stuff, but for painting for me I prefer to be able to pick a color fast just how other programs do it. Also I promise I don't miss colors on purpose! Trying my best. affinity color picker with shortcut bug.mp4 affinity color picker with alt bug.mp4
  3. Hi, recently bought Designer and I have to say I love it and it has amazing potential. I've found some bugs though which I think you should know about and work on to make your software better. This one is probably most annoying: When you pan (with spacebar) while using paint brush tool "dots" keep appearing. This happens when u tap while panning or pan for a short amount of time. Vector brush tool doesn't have this problem, happens only in pixel persona. By the way im using wacom tablet and turning windows ink on or off doesn't solve the issue.
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