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  1. Gabe, I tried uploading that exact file (14.2MB) but got an error at the end of the upload saying "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200". Is there an email address I can send to instead or privately reference a Google Drive location where you can download it?
  2. I started out in Affinity Photo with an out of the camera JPG file from a Fujifilm X-T3. I select a section and paste it into Affinity Designer. What was in the selection is not what is pasted into Designer. Instead a different section of the image of a different pixel dimension is copied. To troubleshoot, I also pasted the same thing into Photoshop CS5 and got the same incorrect section. I then opened the same image in Photoshop and did a copy/paste from there and everything works as expected. Seems to be a significant Affinity Photo bug. I then tried rotating the entire image 90 degrees to make it a landscape orientation in Affinity Photo. Copy/paste from this orientation works fine. Can something this basic be broken or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Live Projections of a layer are pretty nice. Sure wish it worked on multiple layers/grouped layers. Watched the video tutorial and see the suggested workflow. Guess you could keep an audit trail of your edits by making copy layers at various points. FWIW - I did make it work with multiple layers by transforming each layer individually and then selecting all the layers when making any moves to view a different part of the image. Any new layers have to be eventually combined with the already created live projection (I like to do cloning and inpainting on a separate layer). At the end you must then un-transform each layer individually.
  4. Here is that original image. I'll take a look at the Live Projection. The other part of what I was trying to do was take a second shot with my body in a different location so I could layer/mask the two images to eliminate myself from the photo. Can you layer in Live Projection?
  5. I'm trying to use Affinity Photo to fix the nadir of equirectangular panorama photos (360° x 180°). In this case I'm using the source image from a mobile phone single shot add-on which generates a stitched image of dimensions 6080 x 3040. Fairly low resolution, but it does display correctly in various viewers like Google Photos or PTGui Pro Viewer. The procedure for fixing the nadir is to rotate the image 180° and then transform it from rectangular to polar. This gives you a straight-on view of the nadir where you can use the impainting tool or cloning to make the tripod disappear. You then reverse all the transformations to get back to a viewable image. The first irregularity is in the rectangular to polar transformation. The image looks like this: It seems like parts of the the top and bottom are cutoff. This cutoff area is actually the zenith of the shot. In comparison, Photoshop does the same transformation looking like this: After making the nadir fixes in Affinity Photo and reversing everything, when you view the panorama and point to the zenith, you get a weird artifact which is no doubt caused by the the cutoff nature of the rectangular to polar (and reverse) transformations. It looks like this: This makes the result unusable. I've been trying to ween myself off Photoshop (CS5) and onto Affinity Photo with a great deal of success, but this is a problem.
  6. It happens on every document I've tried so far. I'm running the latest Affinity Photo for Windows (v1.5.0.45) on W10 Pro 64bit (up to date) with Nnvidia driver v376.33 (latest) on a GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card. How can I send you one of my files to test?
  7. Here are links to 4 screen shots that show what I've seen: 1) Picture with 2 layers. The second layer has a rectangular region which has been cut from the background and pasted into that layer. The region is bounded by guides. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj89/lnh62/Affinity%20Photo%201_zpswnav7evy.jpg 2) The cutout layer displayed alone http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj89/lnh62/Affinity%20Photo%202_zps7vt7f7vo.jpg 3) Using the transform panel, I've scaled the cutout layer. The newly scaled part displays along with the image before it was scaled. This is the part I think is not displaying correctly. http://s270.photobucket.com/user/lnh62/media/Affinity%20Photo%203_zpsku4ihwxf.jpg.html 4) After unchecking both layers and checking only the cutout layer, it now displays as I'd expect. http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj89/lnh62/Affinity%20Photo%204_zps5ig3gsxg.jpg Sorry, all my attempts to embed the images didn't seem to work, or I couldn't do a preview to check so the only thing I could do were direct links.
  8. 1) You have a selection which is bound by guides on all 4 sides. 2) You drag a corner to scale the selection. 3) If you mouse back to the original corner without releasing the mouse the selection snaps to the guides. 4) If you scale the selection and releasing the mouse and then try to scale back to the original guide intersection, it will not snap to the guides. Guide snapping is selected in the settings.
  9. When scaling a selection using the Transform panel, the screen doesn't redraw properly. You have to uncheck and recheck the layer to force it to redraw and show everything correctly
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