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  1. I noticed a strange thing. The file is to be made in 2014 but last changed in 2010. Maybe this makes the problem
  2. I put it in another folder,but still have no chance to do anything with it. Size is 644kb,seems to be normal. Tried to copy it to another drive, but that´s impossible as well.
  3. Unfortunately I am not able to attach it, zip it or do anything els with it (because of CRC error). So far the only programm to open it is 'Hex Editor Neo' and that crashes as well when scrolling down.
  4. Thank you! You got the right idea. When I tried to zip the color folder I got the following error: Samsung SCX-3200 Series1.icc / CRC Error I deleted that one and now everything works fine again (even the beta :))
  5. Here is the log Log.txt
  6. the crash reference is: 0x550bc076-508d-484d-85e6-9ef7b7f11fd5d
  7. it is crashing now everytime I start it (the beta as well). Got an error code: 0x80004005 Windows Version: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16251.1002]
  8. since I updated to 15063 (1703) Photo is crashing when I try to use the Google NikCollection. This is still working in Photoshop. I saw a lot of sideByside errors in the eventlog but nothing especially with Affinity Photo. Also tried the latest beta, but same result.
  9. I´m new to Affinoity Photo and I´m looking for a possibility to copy a selection from one photo into a selected area in another one. In Photoshop it is just called 'copy into selection', where it is masked by the selected area. Every time I try this the copied selection is placed onto the background layer, where it is fixed.