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  1. Okay, I have answered my own question. Select what you want to export - than File > Area (selection with or without background) > export, done. Cheers, grg
  2. Hey guys, I am working with this psd file from which I need to export some layers (rasters). I kind of manage to do it by selecting those images, copying them, pasting somewhere else, exporting... This is not a pro way to do it I guess ;) I there any more gentle way of exporting psd layers via Affinity Designer? All I need is to select an element, and save it to a separate .png or.jpg file. Any help would me much appreciated, Thanks in advance, Greg
  3. Hello, I have this logo designed in AD and I need to export it in png with transparencies (irregular shape and an 80% transparent filling of some parts of logo). How to achieve this in AD? I just tried using the 'export' function but it exports the whole raster (including white background)... I guess I should set the background to transparent (it is white at the moment), but I can not find the damn checkbox to do so :) Please help! :) Thanks in advance, Greg Ok, ok I have found the checkbox. Document Setup -> Transparent Background. I swear I have been searching for if for like 10 minutes before posting this help request. Ofcourse I have found it 10 seconds after posting... :) Cheers, Greg
  4. Hi - just one more thing. The same thing happens, when you create a nice triangle by choosing 'polygon' shape from the shapes selector and set it to have three sides. If you create two triangles like that and afterwards apply boolean operations on them - the same thing as described in my OP happens. It does not happen when you create a triangle shape with the PEN tool. Cheers,
  5. Hello, There seems to be a problem when doing some operations on groups of two triangles (selected from the shapes menu). When doing any sort of boolean operation on them (such as intersect, subtract, add or any other) the result of this operation is invalid. Below you can see examples of the bug. I have repeated it numerous times, restarting the app etc. Perhaps I am not understanding something correctly? I tried shoes different than triangle and they all worked properly. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yx9e8o7bae11eow/AABirLfqS3dCj1Z-z8NjxsYKa?dl=0 Cheers!