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  1. Affinity Photo on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 In Raw Development -> "Objektiv" Tab -> Rotation -> fine stepping via Ctrl+Arrow Up stop at -0.7 and can't be continued upwards in fine step mode Reproduce: 1. Open RAW image (I used an image in Olympus ORF Format). 2. In RAW development tool window open objectiv-Tab. 3. In Rotation Num-Edit click arrow down for full step to -1.0° => OK: image is rotated. 4. In Rotation Num-Edit Ctrl-click (fine stepping 0.1) the small arrow up a few times (or hold arrow) => NOK: stepping stops at -0.7°, you can't fine tune upwards beyond
  2. I can confirm this crash on my Win 7 64 bit Service Pack 1 system. Reproduce: 1. Start Affininity Photo (Version 2. Press F1 or go to Help > Help (Hilfe > Hilfe on german system) => Help opens 3. Close Help 4. Repeat step 2 => Crash Reproducibility: 100% Dell Vostro 3560 i7-3612QM @ 2.10 GHz, 8GB RAM
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