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  1. Hi, I have some Google Material Design SVG Icons (https://material.io/icons/) placed as "Embedded document" on my artboard and I want to convert these into groups to change the color of the icon faster. At the moment I open the embedded document (the icon), select all shapes/layers, copy, switch back to artboard, paste them there and create a group. Is there a faster way to convert an "Embedded document" into a group by keeping all shapes? Or in other word - is there a way to turn an embedded document into layers? Rasterise is NOT the option I'm looking for. I want to keep all vector shapes.
  2. Hi, I'm currently placing all Material Design Icons (https://material.io/icons/) into one .afdesign file to have them handy at one place. These icons are all SVGs and Affinity Designer place these as "Embedded document". Everything works fine until I wanted to place the 488th (I hope I counted correctly) SVG. Drag 'n dropping the SVG to Affinity Designer doesn't do anything. If I use the "place" from the menu I got the error msg that the SVG is not found. When I open a blank new document in parallel I can't place a SVG there neither. It seems to be that Affinity Designer is not able to handle more than 488 "Embedded document"s. I attached the .afdesign file. You can place one more SVG but not a second one. Material Design Icons.afdesign

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