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  1. OK thanks for very much for the answer. I don't use iCloud at all so hopefully it will have the option of allowing to set your default cloud provider in the future as i'm sure there's plenty of people using OneDrive, Google drive etc for their photos. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have all my photos stored on Microsoft Onedrive so wanted to check if it was possible to load and save images directly from Onedrive? If so can I set it as default? Another question regarding loading images, unless i've misunderstood you can't load files that are stored on the iPad (photos) is that correct? Seems a bit strange.
  3. You've created this great compare feature called splitview which is a tremendous help when altering the parameters of a filter as it gives you live feedback as the settings change. The problem? It only works with the "old" method of adding filters and not the live filters. The way AP works at the moment it means you have to either miss out on live filters or miss out on the compare features when applying filters. Please enable splitview and mirror compare options for the live filters so we don't have to miss out. Thanks
  4. Ah ok. So is this a work in progress then, will all the filters eventually be available in their "live" form? I just feel it's a bit messy at the moment having filters in different places, some available in live form, some not. Having compare feature available if you apply it one way but not if you apply it another. I definitely think the split view previews are useful when applying filters, I would have thought a lot of users would like to see how changing the filter values affects the image. I have been turning the layers off as you suggested but it doesn't really compare to having the split view option as you don't get live feedback as you're making the changes like you do using the non-live filters version. I didn't initially add this to the feature request section because it feels like they (the devs) are moving from one filter system to another and it's only half done at the moment so we're in a sort of half-way-house. Having split-view when applying a filter (live or not) seems like an obvious omission but if they are just looking to see if people want split view rather than it being down to a design decision then I will add it to the feature request section. Thanks for your post meb
  5. I know my method of applying filters twice isn't ideal so what are other people doing? Using live filters (and missing out on the compare tools) or using standard filters (and missing out on the live aspect)? Does anyone know if the plan is to eventually get rid of the "normal" method of applying filters and just leave the live version? If the compare option was added to the live filters is there any advantage to using the normal filters?
  6. Hi yeah I could create it "manually" but there's no easy way to change things with the selection as i'm experimenting. You could manually create a vignette as well using the same process but there's a dedicated tool for exactly this purpose that makes it very easy to adjust the exposure, hardness, scale and shape of the selection (as well as the split view\mirror previews). These are exactly the same parameters i'd like to change when applying a blur. I guess from your response there's no tool to do this? I've seen in other applications the vignette tool can switch between light, dark and blur which allows you to use the same tool for different effects.
  7. Let's say I have a portrait and I want to apply a Gaussian blur around the the edges of the image but leave the face un-blurred, how would I do this? Ideally i'm looking for something like the vignette tool where I can change the shape, size and intensity of the effect but instead of applying shadow it's applying the blur. Is there such a tool in AP?
  8. I notice that there are 2 ways to apply filters. The first via the filter menu and the second via the layers->live filter option. The live filters is a nice idea but there's no way to preview and compare the changes using split\mirror view like you can by applying it via the filters menu. I find the split view incredibly useful when i'm initially applying the filter but then I find the the option of having a live filter useful later on when I can come back and adjust. It's a shame that split view isn't available with the live filter option and you're forced to miss out on one or the other. Could split\mirror options be added to the live filters? At the moment I have to use the filter menu to apply the filter using split\mirror view, then record the settings, delete the filter and then apply the same filter via the live filter using the setting I recorded earlier. I obviously don't want to keep applying filters twice so can this be improved in any way? It begs the question why can you apply the same filters in two different ways like this? If the comparing option could be added to the live filters why would you ever apply a filter using the filter menu?
  9. That absolutely makes sense Patrick. I didn't realise the media browser was an existing OS feature and wouldn't expect OS features to be implemented on other OS's. When I saw this was missing it set off alarm bells that maybe this was a sign that not all features were present on Windows but your explanation clears that up. Keep up the good work.
  10. Hello. New user of AP here. I've been viewing lots of tutorials over the last few days to get a handle of how this software works and most tutorials are not surprisingly on the mac. I was expecting that both Windows and Mac would have the same features but in the videos where they are loading images into the application they are using something called media browser which I can't find in the Windows version? I assumed when I purchased the Windows version that it would have feature parity with the mac but it seems at least that this particular feature is missing. Are there any other missing features and will the missing features be added in a future update to the windows version? Going forward will the same changes and features be added to both platforms or will we continue to see features on one but not the other? Thanks
  11. I don't own my work computer but i'm the only one who uses it. Is it ok to use AP on it?
  12. That's great MEB thanks. Is it safe to assume that if it works on Mac it will work on PC or are we in a situation where some plugins will work on mac and others on PC? I'm using a PC btw so i'm only looking for plugins on the Windows side of things.
  13. Hello, Could someone tell me if there's a list of supported plugins that work with AP? Thanks
  14. Hello all, First post here. I've just purchased my Photo licence and was wondering if I could install it on my work and home computer so I can continue my project no matter what location i'm in? Thanks
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