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  1. A free public beta was available for quite a while. You should have used that.
  2. Not the exact functionality I was looking for, as positioning the image just right causes the window to snap back into place, but I can make do when needed. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Greetings all. I'm very new to Affinity Photo and enjoying it immensely thus far. Just bought it on Windows 10 after really enjoying the beta and wanting to be free of Adobe's extortionist pricing. The following isn't an issue I'm having per se, but if it is possible it will greatly speed up my workflow: Almost every day I work on images that are part of a set. Frequently I need to have identical crops/positioning/composition on similar subjects and/or similar environments. If I could have the images side by side instead of in separate tabs it would be really great for getting my work done quickly. Is anything along these lines possible in Photo? Basically two documents being edited in one workspace, with the software only acting on the document that is selected. A split screen for two tabs if you will. Thanks!