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  1. bibbis

    Can't draw because of initial lag/delay.

    Okay I see! I'm glad this version works for me. I've been looking forward to do some proper drawing in AF. Up until now I have only used it for more basic tasks. Thanks!
  2. bibbis

    Can't draw because of initial lag/delay.

    And drawing with my mouse still has the same behavior as the tablet for each respective version.
  3. bibbis

    Can't draw because of initial lag/delay.

    Okay the beta is different. In the standard version, the lag causes whatever I draw within that first short time to become a completely straight line. So if I draw tiny curves, the first part that I draw will become straight and then it starts to become circular after the line has "caught up" to the cursor. In the new beta, the behavior is VISUALLY the same, but it still registers the entire motion. So my tiny curves take around half a second before they start showing up, but the whole curve is... curvy. Look how straight the tops are in the first pictures compared to the second.
  4. bibbis

    Can't draw because of initial lag/delay.

    Sure! But the issue stays even if I unplug my tablet, restart my computer and open Photo without the tablet and just use my mouse.
  5. bibbis

    Can't draw because of initial lag/delay.

    Hi, The problem stays regardless of how long I have the document open. I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch. CPU i7-6700k GPU GTX 970 SLI RAM 32 GB Tried changing to WARP but it makes no difference.
  6. Hello. I'm using Photo version on Windows 10. I can't draw in it because there is around half a second lag from the moment the tip touches the surface until the line starts drawing. I found this thread from 2.5 years ago where the issue was reported in the Mac beta and was going to be looked into: Was the problem found and fixed on Mac? I can draw just fine with any other software I've tried like Photoshop, Animate, Flash, MS PAINT(!), Substance Painter, etc.etc... Everything works just fine and I can use the tablet as a mouse with good precision. The ONLY thing that is giving me this lag issue is Affinity Photo.
  7. bibbis

    Brush Stroke delay when using Wacom

    Hello. This is still an issue on windows with version It's frustrating to find such an old post that perfectly describes the issue that I'm having 2 and a half years later. There's no difference if I'm using my tablet or just drawing with the mouse.
  8. My jaw dropped when I found out that this is not available in Photo. I UNDERSTAND that I bough Photo and not Designer, but a line tool is such a BASIC FUNCTION that I think it's unacceptable that it's not available in both versions... MS Paint has it for god's sake... How are you ok with not featuring EVERY SINGLE FUNCTIONALITY of MS Paint?