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  1. BlueBoy

    Text wrap doesnt work

    I see what you mean. Only where there are text breaks does it warp. Affinity Publisher.mp4
  2. BlueBoy

    Text wrap doesnt work

    It is one block of text same thing happened to me. It just gets split in two instead of flowing around the circle
  3. Yes please Affinity Video with features similar to After Effects.
  4. Honor masked images at export when rasterize unsupported properties is turned off. If I turn off rasterize unsupported properties it will then export a file with the images not conforming to the colour space set in the pdf dialoge and the entire image exposed even though it was masked in Affinity.
  5. I would like an IOS iPhone app that can view an .afdesign and an .afphoto file and allow me to share that file as a jpeg. This would be a quick way for me to send a proof off when I am away form my pc an need to show my work to someone.