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  1. On the current windows installation Affinity Photo never was installed. I now tried to download a new setup file with JDownloader to make sure that the file is not corrupted. However, the result is the same as before. The AMD driver is updated on my PC but there might be something strange: The AMD driver update tool find no newer version of the driver but other driver tools do. Anyway, those newer drivers won't work on my system. I guess that the driver is not the problem, since I have no problem with other programs (including lightroom for example). I wanted to post you both files (log and systeminformation) but they are empty 0-byte files. Maybe this can narrow down the problem?
  2. Hallo, I bought Affinity Design and used it already on a Surface Pro 3 without problems. On my home computer I have the same problem as mentioned here. The splash screen is shown but then the system freezes and it needs a hard reset reset to reboot the computer. I tried different system configurations without success: I installed Affinity Design on an other drive I installed it on the same drive I reinstalled windows itself, updated drivers and installed only Affinity Design I tried Windows 10 Edu and Windows 10 Pro I also tried to install the Affinity Photo Beta with the same problem. I use Windows 10 Edu x64 (which has all features of Win 10 Enterprise but "misses" Cortana). This is my hardware: ASRock Z68 Pro3 Intel i5 2500k (Sandy Bridge) 2x 2GB DDR3 Ram (Kingston PC3-10700) AMD Radeon HD6670 SanDisk SSD U100 The Affinity programs are the only programs with the descriped problems. FastPictureViewer was never installed and there are no error logs. I have no idea what else to try and hope that you can help me. I purchased Affinity Desinger to use it manly on this computer and also wanted to try (and later maybe also buy) Affinity Photo here.
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