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  1. Inkcut seems to be a nice solution but it didn't support windows (even if they state cross plattform with support for windows...) The driver is installed :-) I'll try VinylMaster Cut and see if it resolves my problems. Thanx a lot for your time! / Tom
  2. Yes I've tried eps in CutStudio but no luck and I looked at the other thread about this but there was no useful info.
  3. Yes, I have the Roland CutStudio but I can't get the PDFs to work. It says in the documentation for VersaWorks that you can use it for GX-24 and I'm able to connect it.
  4. Hi Mick, I'm using a GX-24, USB direct connected to my PC
  5. How do I do to get the job (PDF) into Versaworks? When I try to add job to queue it's greyed out. I'm completely new to Vesaworks...
  6. I've stopped using Affinity since this problem obviously isn't a priority for the Affinity team. I wrote about this in 2016...
  7. I'm new to Designer but I'm not new to cutting. Can anyone explain or make a short video of how to do this? Step by step. (spot colors, CutContour, colour space, export to PDF etc...) That would be highly appreciated! :-) Thanx!