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  1. : / Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll try to set find the said drivers and/or to set my monitor as a generic SRGB profile. Is there any downside on this this? And do you believe this would this fix my problem with the CMYK documents? once again, thanks.
  2. ok, I figured out my windows color profile is set as "2351" (not even sure what this is exactly) and that setting my affinty RGB Color profiles to that same "2151" makes everything alright EXCEPT for the fact that: 1- I have no idea if I should be using this "2351" thing in the first place; 2- There is no option in the CMYK color profile for me to set it as 2351, so CMYK documents continues to look "creamy/yelowish". I might be naive and asking some stupid questions here, if that is the casa, sorry for that : /
  3. Hello all, I've only seen an old thread about this with no clear fix so I've decided to start a new one. As you can see in the attached image, my "white" in Affinity definitely is not "white" as in the rest of aplications in my computer (the Notepad there provides an example). I'm working on a second screen display, an AOC e2351Fh monitor, (although the issue persists even if I set windows to project only on the notebook screen, not sure if this really matters), my graphic card is a GeForce GTM870m, and my NVIDIA Control Panel settings seems to be correct (designer.exe is set to high performance NVIDIA processor). I could provide you with some screenshots of my monitor color profile but then you would have to tell me exactly what you want me to screenshot. Oh, and this is on Windows 10. That said, what should I do about this? Any tips? Thanks!
  4. Hello MEB, thank you for your answer. Still,is there any way to simply change from ctrl+mousewheel to alt+mousewheel? Because if I do as you suggest, I'll end up losing the vertical scroll control, since it is the default setting for the mouse wheel. obs.: could someone please fix the TWO typos in the title of this thread? sorry... tnks again!
  5. Hello everyone! Sorry if someone already asked this (although I did a quick search and didn't find an answer), but where exactly in the Preferences>Keyboard Shortcus menu can I change my default zoom in/out option from ctrl + mousewheel, to alt+mousewheel? I found a 2015 hotkeys cheat sheet for AFDesigner that, surprisingly, says that the default zoom option should be with the "alt" key and not "ctrl", but I guess something changed since then... thanks!
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