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  1. Hi there, I was planning a new focus merge in Affinity, there was great result in Am I doing something wrong? It's only possible to open Affinity files after hidding the add buton. The images are stored as PSD files.
  2. Thanks Patrick, I chose Affinity and am so aware that things will be different as in the Adobe products.
  3. Thanks guys for all the time and efforts you spend in the forum :) hands down. My camera is a Canon 6D. I didn't think about the hotpixels.
  4. Zipping makesw my file 144 mb, max is 20 mb.
  5. That's no option, I get the warning the file is to big ( 194 mb)
  6. Hi there, After opening several raw files I found a problem with red and blue dots in Affinity Photo. The files where I found this dots are taken at iso 200 and different lenses. I'm photographing art, the first thought this must be in the painting. Opening the same files in Lightroom, Photoshop and bridge didn't show me the same dots. After exporting the same dots are in the jpeg files. What are these dots? Where do the came from? Am I the only onewho's facing this problem? Thanks in advantage.
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