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  1. Yes, thanks, I found it finally. I wonder if it was missing in the beta version then.
  2. You isunderstand what I am saying. Take for instance Microsoft Word or for that matter DrawPlus. In the Fonts pull down menu you can find the entry called Symbol which contains all the Greek letters. My question is why is this not implemented in Affinity Design?
  3. I must say that is very odd as it is normally just one of the standard fonts you find in all Windows software.
  4. I posted this before but had no answer. So I shall try again. How do I get Greek letters font in Affinity Design? I cant find the symbol font.
  5. In Affinity Designer using Windows 10. I have looked through the list of fonts for characters but I cant see the usual symbols font for Greek letters. So how do I put in Greek letters? Another point is that when you go to the character font selector the selection is via the slider. So this is tedious if you want to enter occasional font change. I would have thought you could type the name of the font in the character box.
  6. Sorry but I dont understand what these "large color wells" are that you refer to. Can you post an image illustrating this?
  7. Many thanks. That was very helpful. I found it as you say under Sliders. I am surprised that this can't be done from the colour wheel panel, after all it does report the actual HSL values.
  8. I am using the new Workbook and in several places it instructs to enter particular values for the color HSL. However the only way I have found so far is to use the colour wheel and this is difficult to do if one wants to set precise values. Is there some way in which one can actually enter the HSL numbers?

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