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  1. Hi Meb, Thank you, it's clearer now. So far I didn't get the 2 mouse buttons had to be clicked. Best regards, Veti
  2. Hello Lee, I am on Affinity Photo on PC and I cannot change the brush resize nor hardness either with the mouse and the keyboard modifier. Beside my keyboard is AZERTY so I cannot make the brackets shortcuts work either. This is very limitative. Do you have an idea how this could work? Thank you very much
  3. If you are using a regular (non-artboard) document you have to go to the Document Setup dialog ( menu File ▸ Document Setup...) and change the document dimensions there. Make sure Objects will: Anchor to Page button is selected. Hi Meb, thank you for the help. Hum, what if I can see where I would like to crop but I don't know which dimension it will result to?
  4. Hello, I am new in AD and try to find my marks. So far I didn't find an answer for this: how can I quickly change the size of a document? The Crop tool doesn't seem to work to set the size of the canvas. Thank you
  5. Thank you. I saw indeed that it is possible to change the shortcut of an action and this is great. Nevertheless you will probably agree with me that we cannot ask new and casual users to go and change a shortcut. I know changing a shortcut that has already been deployed is tricky, hence my second request regarding the button in the New Document dialog.
  6. Nice, thank you :) Since this feature answer my request I have 2 other ones instead: Would it be possible to make the shortcut for this New From Clipboard more "lambda user friendly"? Something at the same time intuitive (= simple to have in mind) and easy to do with one hand (like Shift + N for instance). The current shortcut is, well, uneasy for fast use. Would it be possible to have a button "Get from clipboard" in the New Document dialog? This would be very useful for people accustomed to the New Document panel or the Ctrl + N shortcut. Thank you very much
  7. Hello, We are currently evaluating AD to see if it could be a nice tool for our employees who need to do quick annotations on images. At this time we are facing a limitation which look very small but which is very limitative in the image annotation workflow. The use case is the following: many of our users just would like to take a screenshot of something on their screen, to paste the clipboard image in an image editor application, to draw or write on it and to save it on disk in a common image file format. This workflow is efficient only if the user has a low number of operations to do. Unfortunately when we create a new document with AD the New Document dialog window doesn't automatically get the image size from the clipboard, as Photoshop does. Hence our request for this feature. It will help us a lot (I mean it!). Thank you very much
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