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  1. Hi, draw some rectangle and try to change fill or outline color, nothing happen. There is the image in attachment which is explanation od the situation
  2. On the iPad, the asset can be exported, but can't be imported. An exported asset is grayed so it can't be selected why?
  3. Resimovic

    Assets can't be imported

    Hi JFisher, Yes, you are right Dropbox is working, for now, other places like on my iPad and Google Drive obviously not supported completely, consider this.
  4. How do I prevent child shapes from resizing when moving ther parent shape's boundaries?
  5. Ok, solution with Constrain panel resolve my problem THX
  6. I'v try this but same result as unlocked, child is resizing anyway
  7. Hi, topic title explain all, but for just in case screenshots are here.
  8. I have this when start application (Designer or Photo same thing) only got this
  9. Resimovic

    Only startup screen!

    THX for reply, but reset to defaults not resolve problem.
  10. Resimovic

    AD Crashes Regularly

    What can I say, Photo and Designer still freeze all computer after all this updates since 17 January 2017 when I post first time this problem. I'll try 100 times to change display settings, update driver, downgrade driver, update windows, update Draw and Photo... With every new update I hope that it will work, but when use application random freezing continue over and over. Does anybody read this?
  11. Resimovic

    AD Crashes Regularly

    Hi Chris, this link is for Affinity Photo not for AD!
  12. Resimovic

    AD Crashes Regularly

    Oh i forgot to mention that whole system is freezing when AD make crash Windows 10 with latest updates Lenovo ThinkCentre 8 GB ram 256 GB SSD Intel graphics 530 on board
  13. Resimovic

    AD Crashes Regularly

    I have regularly crashes with AD too! Default graphic card on board Intel HD Graphics 530, i'v changed that to WARP but crashes continued. I can't reproduce scenario 'coz this happen with various scenario, sometime when use text to path, sometime when pan zoom etc.

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