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  1. I wrote a macros to prepare my pictures to the web. Macros makes them of certain size and sharp, but It can't add a signature to the photo, because AP „Cannot add Artistic Text“ to the macros. Thus I suggest to allow to add Artistic text to the Macro.
  2. Hm… Yes, you a right. But most of software I use, allows me to use hotkeys despite of layout different than English.
  3. There is no such thing as a Russian Keyboard. It's layout. Like the one you'll use to type in German of French. To activate it I need to add it in Windows preferences: Prefernces → Time & Language → Add Language To type square bracket I'll have to switch to English or use modified layout and hit [ with pressed Alt. Got it.
  4. I'm using Photo on Windows 10. When I try to go backwards in History in recovered file Photo crashes. When I use Russian keyboard layout some hotkeys, ( [ or ] for changing brush size or switching on/off guidelines with Alt+;) isn't working. When I try to record a macros with text I can't do so. As soon as I try to insert text to my macros I get „Cannot add Artistic Text“
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