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  1. Hi. I have a question regardin Affinity Publisher. Whot languages do you plan to initially support? I don't mean UI, but text input (grammar and so on)
  2. Hi MEB, and thanks. I checked Affinity Designer roadmap, and Common Feature requests and it's not even on the list! Do You guys consider it to be such a low priority?
  3. Hi, Yesterday I was trying to do something as simple, as rotating a group of nodes. And all i could find was how to rotate them by 90 deg. Is there a free transform for a group of nodes?! Coz if not, I can't even belive You guys let that happend.
  4. Oh, there it is. Can we get it linked in our "Download & Product keys" section? I case we need to redownload it later?
  5. Hi, wher exacly should thoes links be? I can't finf any, and i bought Designer for windows day one.