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  1. Kind of related… https://support.google.com/nikcollection/answer/3000889?ref_topic=3000839"The Nik Collection is free and compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.10; Windows Vista, 7, 8; and Adobe Photoshop through CC 2015. We have no plans to update the Collection or add new features over time." It seems that Google are preparing to let the much loved Nik Collection wither and die. Even if Serif get's AP to work effectively as plugins with the Nik Collection, the latter will eventually just sink. Sad. What chance Serif, Adobe, Silkypix, Macphun, Phase One, ON1 or whoever buying up the rights to Nik Collection / patented technology? Engineering control point technology into one of the aforementioned RAW converters would be almost a certified sure fire winner. Quick return on investment.
  2. I'd like to suggest the curves sub panel under Tones in the Develop Persona have the input / output values displayed for given points. In addition, I'd like this panel to include an 'editor' feature, whereby the option of entering the numerical values for each point on the curve. It would also be appreciated if the x and y axis (0-255) could be delimitated in 10ths like Photoshop. Either replacing quarter tones, or, in addition to the quarter tones. :) Nick
  3. Thank you. I do see that in Windows, Explorer shows the AP previews. Anybody know if there is a timeline for the Affinity DAM solution?
  4. I'd like to suggest that .afphoto files have a thumbnail viewable in / by Adobe Bridge. Affinity currently has no DAM solution. Therefore until Serif roll out such, then Bridge could be enable as a asset manager for Affinity Photo. Right clicking an afphoto file in Bridge, then selecting 'Build high quality thumbnail' does nothing. Regards Nick
  5. I've started making Adjustment Layer presets, in the Beta. My problem is I cannot find them in the usual places or nomenclacture, on my hard drive. I'm concerned I might loose these and have to reengineer/ enter them into the 1.5 (Win) version - painful, once I purchase the commercial release version, (when it becomes available.) Does anyone know for sure how I can ensure the presets I've developed/ saved (in Beta version) are preserved, for when the time comes to purchase/ use the 1.5 final (paid for) version? Regards Nick - liking the Beta lots.
  6. I've created some adjustment layer presets in the Beta version. It occurred to me, (given the time I've invested in creating them,) that they may be lost when I purchase AP (Win) 1.5 (when commercial version is released,) that I should back these up. I cannot find (in the usual places) where these presets have been saved to. Does anybody know what to do in this circumstance. The mission is to create more as I experiment/ go up the AP learning curve, but be able to have all of them auto included in final commercial release, after I purchase it? Regards Nick
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