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  1. knightcoder

    Cannot Export PDF

    Slightly off topic but is PDF-X better than PDF for print... Just send some designs for production. In terms of the export it does really sound like a software conflict I would SrPx suggestions and maybe try safe mode
  2. knightcoder

    Cannot Export PDF

    I have figured it out !!!! :D The problem is the color format. RGB/32 does not export to PDF for some reason so you need to convert it. Go to File->Document setup-> Color tab -> Change colour format drop down Change to RGB/16 for digital or CMYK/8 for print (This messes up the colors and you can fix manually) There may be a way to keep RGB/32 but I don't know how. Hopfully this is helpful
  3. knightcoder

    Cannot Export PDF

    I am having the same problem. I can export other files to pdf just not that specific file. I think there is some object that is causing the error. I have tried using Mac retail and windows beta and both have the same problem. I have also tried export to svg and eps which work but look terrible. Exporting to PSD works well and will use that for now. A few things you might want to try to help narrow down the problem. Try export a blank document to pdf and see if that work? Start deleting stuff from the file your trying to export to figure out what is causing the problem Would like to know your results

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