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  1. I can reproduce this bug when I edit a gradient. After changing the gradient, the handlers for selected objects disappear. After double clicking on the master pages and back again, the display is back to normal. So my confidence in the Affinity V2 products is fading more and more. 😒 Even after X updates there are still such serious bugs. You can't work productively like that! Now I just continue to work in the V1 apps, which do work very well... (Publisher V 2.2.1 - macOS Big Sur 11.7.10) Sequenz_01.mp4
  2. Also in Photo V2 still no tools basic settings possible like e.g. with the Healing Brush source always aligned. Just sad how feature requests are ignored for years. 👎
  3. Dear developers, It's unbelievable: since 2015, hundreds of users have asked here in the forum for "sticky settings" for the tools, but it is simply ignored by the Serif developers. Sorry, but it's just annoying to have to reconfigure the tools again and again after opening each file!!! ...and with the selection brush it's even worse: here you even have to select the mode separately each time. It can't be that difficult to integrate these functions into the app. Every other image editing app offers this by default. Please, oh please 🙏 finally provide sticky settings with the next update!
  4. Unbelievable: even after 6 years, Serif has still not managed to save at least the tool settings for each user individually! This is just a joke for all loyal users! And the Affinity Apps are still promoted as a serious alternative to Adobe. Simply embarrassing and extremely disappointing! You really can't work efficiently with Affinity apps any more.
  5. Affinity Photo should open small image files in 100% view. (for example, to work with small thumbnail images) Please add this feature to the preference pane.
  6. If you have to work with hundreds of small Thumbnail image files every day, it can be very annoying to change zoomlevel with command+1 each time! It should not be very difficult to integrate a default-view setting into preferences. It is now standard in image processing apps that large images are fitted and smaller images are opened to 100%.
  7. Affinity Photo should always open image files in the 100% view. What must be set in the Preferences? I need this because I work a lot with small image files.
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