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  1. Dunno why you choose Bilinear as default interpolation method for image resampling, but it almost never produces good results on common full-colour images. There should be Bicubic, as it results in much better output for decreasing image size (which I suppose is the most used operation). Or at least provide an option in Preferences to choose as default. Anyway, great software, though with some imperfections.
  2. Hi. By default, Affinity Designer's Duplicate function keyboard shortcut assigned to Opt+Shift+Cmd+S. Not very handy shortcut, you know. I used to Cmd+D. So I went to the applications Preferences pane, to change keyboard shortcut to a custom one. 1. There was an attention sign near shortcut, which represented some kind if a conflict I suppose, but I failed to know what exactly. 2. Trying to reassign keyboard shortcut to a new one, I failed again, cause AD refused to save my changes. Whatever I did – plain assign, empty it's value in every persona dropdown, reload the application, it all went the same – no changes. 3. Lastly I force assign new shortcut in Keyboard Preferences of OS Preferences pane. And it helped, but I still observe same Opt+Shift+Cmd+S shortcut assigned to Duplicate function in apps preferences, despite in menu is has changed. This is wrong. I suppose. Please, fix. AD 1.5.3
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