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  1. musicman

    Crashes bad!!!

    Thank you Fuffle for your help .Thank you Alfred That fixed the problem.
  2. musicman

    Crashes bad!!!

    I just uninstall the program and did a re-install same problem. Please help
  3. musicman

    Crashes bad!!!

    Any Idea of what to do. Just purchased Affinity for windows 1.5.36. When I was in Persona view, I picked out a texture brush. Then made a duplicate of the brush. I then used the remove texture button. I wanted to use my own texture file. But as soon as hit the remove texture button Affinity crashed. I restarted Affinity I tried using the other brushes like " assorted or basic with no problems. I then went to texture brushes and Affinity crashed again. I tried this again after I did a complete restart of my computer. It continues to crash when I choose only the texture brush. I need my texture brushes please advise. Thanks.