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  1. As far as I can tell, isn't WIC an internal part of windows 10, so not really possible to reinstall?
  2. - Can find no issues with the antivirus - Have already checked Task Manager: App is not running in background - Also check the other suggestions, nothing found. - Nothing in the Application log. System specs already given to Mark Ingram in the other thread about Photo beta that is also failing. I suspect that it is the same issue for both, so if it is solved for one it is probably solved for both. The Photo beta failure did give some more logs/dumps than Designer, see other thread, as linked above by Mark.
  3. Up until yesterday I only tried the betas of Photo and Designer on my other computer, a laptop, and there they work perectly fine. So no, none of the two applications have worked on this computer at all since installing them. After experiencing the problems I tried updating the gaphics card driver, since I suspected a graphics issue, but no change. Unfortunately I bought the new Designer that was just released without first verifying that the betas worked on both computers, so now I am also left with a license of Designer that only will start on one of two computers :(
  4. .dmp file attached. Systeminformation.txt will be sent in PM. Thanks 6bc493f1-825d-44b8-9fa0-85d683a9a5c3.dmp
  5. There is nothing in %APPDATA%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\ except an empty log file. Operating system: Windows 10 Pro I do have more files in the beta Photo APPDATA folder, see my thread in the Photo Beta forum.
  6. Just bought the new Designer and installed it on my stationary home PC. The application will not start, nothing happens when launching. Also have same problem with Affinity Photo Beta, see separat post in Beta forum.
  7. After installing the beta I am unable to start Affinity Photo on my stationary computer (win 10). When launching the program nothing happens, no spash screen, nothing. In the Affinity "Appdata" folders I find a log file, a systeminformation file and a .dmp file. Do not really want to post these files here as I assume they contain information about my computer. Also installed the new Designer just released (non beta) and have basically same issue with this, will not start. Both betas (Photo and Designer) as well as the newly released non-beta Designer work fine on my other computer (Dell Laptop, win 10).
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