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  1. ah that is interesting! i was about to post my reply to Chris but i got a notification saying i have a new reply so, i refreshed before i post the message XD now i see why Chris didn't get affected. (it's a good thing that i added the windows 7 tag) anyway, you're welcome!
  2. hello, after i finally bough your app for windows, i started to mess around with the grace ui kit offered for free, here what happened as a bug seem to persist: i opened up multi-documents from the folder UI Sheets which contain 11 files, i zoomed in on the file "ecommerce" with the zoom tool, without changing the tool, i scrolled up or down with the middle button mouse which it's a little wheel. it immediately crashed up. just like that... you can see the screenshot i took. i hope that would help you out. good luck!
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