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  1. Hi folks, due to my English I can't proof if this is already told or not, or probably a problem due to my workplace. 1. let me say thanks that Affinity Designer and Photo work so well on 4K 40" monitor with scaling up all menu and icons and so on, that's really great 2. I'm searching for a tool to handle all tabs optically. Since there is often no possibility or only to guess where some stops will end, I'm no working for over an hour on placing some text and it is still a mess. It would be nice something similar like, you know, the 'tabs' tool in AI to set them per view. 3. When working with tabs, cursor is jumping between different tab values on the panel and the text written in the textbox, wich leads me to delete the text in the box for some times now because of thinking I would write some new tab or so. I can't reproduce this behaviour exactly, sometimes it is jumping between the tabs itself, sometimes it jumps to the box. Sometimes tabs are marked wich aren't worked on, so one is blue, anotherone changes text size to show: this is the one. Strange. And it would be great to be able to a) stretch the tab window to see them all at once and b) to see them numbered to know at wich thingy I'm working on. Nevertheless: it is very seldom crashing. Can't remember when the last time. And that's great also, thanks! Last: @Serif/Affinity, aren't you working on a publisher tool? I started to write a book with Libre Office, with hundreds of photos and sites, wich becomes a really mess with more and more crashes ^^ and can't wait to here more about this new tool! Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi serif team, as I see, a bunch of exif data is shown, thats great, thanks! I can delete them, okay, but I can't change them or add my own like to do with IPTC-IIM? Will that be added, and if, when? When activating exif tab, I can't move the ones below anymore. All other panels in same row will do, but exif seems to lock or block something. I want to remark also, that the "grap point", the area in wich the double arrow will appear to move the panels is extremly small. I often have to take some tries before it happens to move.