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  1. I have had a number of problems working with the attached document (mouse stuff square2.afdesign) which contains 4 placed pdfs. Firstly, when I export the document the resulting pdf expands one of the subfigures so that part of it (top right subfigure) is covered up (mouse stuff square2.pdf attached). Secondly, when I return to the main figure after working on a subfigure the resulting canvas is black and to recover the figure I have to open a new artboard (this recovers the figure) and then undo the creation of the new artboard. then all appears okay. I suspect these problems are related. m
  2. Most of the crashes occurred when I was using the text tool and some when moving simple rectangles. I was not doing anything special. I wondered if it had anything to do with the particular file I was editing which is why I attached it. Best, David
  3. I am editing the attached document. I am having multiple crashes. All I am doing is adding multiple text boxes and some rectangles to cover old text. Crashes are happening every 5 minutes. I have closed all other apps and restarted mac. System is 10.14.2 Machine is MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017), local_vs_global.afdesign
  4. When I export the attached file nrf2 new structure explained.afdesign as a pdf I just get some of the objects and these are solid black (see other attached file nrf2 new structure explained.pdf). If I export as a png than all is okay. If I try to print I get a blank page. When I open Affinity Designer help from the main menu I just get a blank page.
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