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  1. Indeed... I delete adobe Sketch and its works . :) Thank you very much
  2. Thats from Affinity Photo. When I tap on Import Brushes thats show me my iCloud drive
  3. On the screenshot thats iCloud Drive
  4. Hi, I resolved my problem by uploading my .abr file from my dropbox. Here a screenshoy of what I mean by greyed out : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1m8e4j4cxd6uq8m/FullSizeRender.jpg?dl=0 And another things. Most of my brushes lost they're photoshop settings like shape dynamics, scatterings..... Is it a normal ?
  5. Hi, Thank you to your quick answer. But when I try what you tell me I cant select my .abr file. The file is grey like "not support files, cannot be selected" style. For information the file is on my iCloud Drive.
  6. First thanks a lot for this amazing app for my iPad pro! That give a big level up for the iPad. After playing a bit with affinity photo on my iPad, I want to know if it's possible to import my photoshop brushes and my ClipStudioPaint brushes on Affinity Photo on my iPad ? Thanks you