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  1. Indeed you are right. Panning/Zooming helps. My graphics card (ATI Radeon 5500 Ultimate) is also not the "ultimate" anymore, will try to get a new one.... Thanks for your support !
  2. I uploaded a screenrecord here: http://www.leinilive.at/PhotoHSL.mp4
  3. Hi community, Can anyone confirm this ? If I create a HSL adjustment layer and change the saturation slider often in series to fine adjust (10-20 times, maybe don't release the mouse while doing this) the whole adjustment stops working. When this happens sometimes other adjustments are affected, means when I create a new BW adjustments afterwards nothing happens on any slider anymore. I'm still on Win7/64bit and don't upgrade to Win10 until my PC dies. Yes, I'm using the latest (bought) 1.6.5 of Photo.
  4. You just have to set preferences->Photoshop Pluings in Affinity that it points to C:\Program Files\Google\Nik Collection. After restart of Affinity Photo, you will see them Filter->Plugins
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