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  1. Hi guys, I have notice with last beta that I can't introduce decimal valors at any field of the software. It is doesn't matter if I use coma or point to introduce them. Decimal_valors.mov
  2. Hi, I have a document which I would like to send in PDF format using booklet option. The problem comes with the blank space it leaves in the document. See attached. How can I generate a PDF file, using booklet arrangement of pages, and have edge to edge result? Size of the spread is exactly the same as the selected paper. Thanks
  3. After update to Big Sur beta 5 the problem still there. I decided to delete completely the 3 apps and reinstall them again. That solved the problem and now StudioLink works fine. Honestly I don’t know what happened, the unique thing I did was update the apps to 1.8.4 version. Doesn’t matter, thanks for your support guys.
  4. No. The unique thing I did was update all of them. It’s curious because all beta apps are giving me the same error. Today I’ll update MacOS Big Sur to the last version beta 5. If it doesn’t work I’ll erase all and reinstall them again.
  5. I attach you a video of the behaviour. I reboot the Mac and relaunch the apps. The unique thing I have not done is to reset the apps. Is so tedious to configure all menus and tools again. I'm using MAS version for Designer, Photo and Affinity installer for Publisher. With 1.8.4 beta versions happens the same. Thanks UPDATE: I tried to clear all user data of the 3 apps and still same problem. Video.mov
  6. Hi guys, After update all apps to 1.8.4 StudioLink is not working. A banner says that I need to launch the apps but after launch them still not working. Also same behaviour with Publisher beta. I'm running MacOS Big Sur Beta 4.
  7. Sorry guys for the late replay. Disabling everything you mention before doesn't change anything. I have found 2 things. Everything that needs a live preview of changes like, font selection, color selection from wheel, text changing, ... decreases considerately the performance with big documents. I have recoded 2 videos: 1 of them showing how much time takes the action of manipulate fonts. 2 video showing how copying and paste an object works relatively fine but copying the same object using option key (I think due the live preview of it) takes much more time. Also I have attach a capture of the activity monitor showing the great amount of resources Affinity takes only with those kind of modifications. Another ones like vector lines, object movements, ... shows a normal Activity with the software. Finally I can tell you that this only happens with big documents, even set with linked images and 72 dpi's, with small documents everything works fast and fine. Thanks Copy_low_performance.mov Text_low_performance.mov
  8. After work 2 weeks with that large document (220 pages, 72 dpi and linked images) I have notice that the big lag of performance appears when I work with fonts (text). For example, I can copy, paste , move, objects and every time I can see the beach ball about 3 seconds until the system refresh. No problem with this. When I edit, change, modify or similar any text, the beach ball takes around 20 seconds every modification I do. Another example, if I select a text and I select directly from the panel a text style it takes around 3 seconds to refresh but if I select the same text and I go to the fonts menu trying to select any of them it takes around 20 seconds to refresh. Also if I don't select the fonts list (that maybe it has to preview), just changing bold, light, or the font size. Hope this could help to improve a GREAT app even more. Thanks
  9. Hi, Following thomaso advices I expose my results: The document resolution has changed to 72 dpi. (Still same performance) All images are linked. All images are store locally. Only this document is opened. Only publisher is opened. Any other app. I tried changing the API from Metal to OpenGL with same results. When I open the document the fan inside my Mac starts running and the Activity monitor shows this In the moment I closed the 222 pages document everything goes to normal and fans becomes off. Could be the optimization of macOS Catalina. Actually I'm using beta 5.
  10. Hi guys, Actually I’m working on a manual that has 222 pages. My Mac is a MacBook PRO 15” Late 2013. It is A4, 800 dpi (I need people can do zooming without lose resolution) and the 15 images it has are all embedded , sorry, linked. The rest of items inside are 100% vectors with effects, like shadows, transparency, etc... Metal is enabled. I have extrematelly low performance in the document. When I do a change I have to wait about 30 seconds seeing the beach ball running until it is applied. What can I do? Thanks
  11. Mine is Spanish so I'm in the same situation jeje... I think I understand the procedure. "Framon" you are right. First you have to manage the format you want at every cell. Text, fonts, position, fill, etc... after this you have to select which format you want to be applied to every cell. "See the image". The final result is that the table will respect the format you applied at every cell to make the composition. See video. Possibilities has no limits as in the text style edition field you can select many adjustments for just the text inside every cell. UPDATE: The unique thing I can't find is how to export the format you have created. As you do with your Assets or Styles. Every document starts with the default table format. Video.mov
  12. Hi, Could you please explain me how to use the table format? I can't understand how can I have, for example, this pattern every file added automatically. When I try to select 1 file and apply a fill it is applied to the full table. Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I don't know if it is called Imposition in English but I would like to know if Pulblisher can do this. In other words I have a design with several pages and I would like to print it out doing the correct position of them like a BOOK. Cover, back, etc... like the attached image. Thanks
  14. So if Apple advised 180px x 180px (60pt x 60pt @3x) that settings would be OK?
  15. Hi, Is the first time I have to design an icon for iOS and Android and I don't understand the measures of the document to set them at AD. They say PNG and sRGB. For example at Apple guide indicates 180px x 180px (60pt x 60pt @3x) What I have to set at size of the document? Like the image? in pixel 180px x 180px?... what about DPI? Thanks!
  16. Thanks MEB, Hope it will arrive soon, is annoying to work with blocked squares and lines simulating the limits of the document.
  17. Hi, First sorry is that question is already answered. How can I block guides in AD and also make that the software understand them as point to measure, take middle references, etc... Something like this Illustrator capture. Thanks
  18. You are right. Only dev team has the last word about that. Would be fantastic to have support for zoom, pan, etc... it would improve our workflow. Thanks
  19. Hi guys, I’m thinking to buy that 3D mouse and I’d like to know if it is compatible with affinity software. https://www.3dconnexion.es/spacemouse_compact/es/ Sorry if the question is already answered. Thanks
  20. Ok, thanks MEB. Hope It will be added soon, is a very useful feature.
  21. I don't know if this can be done or is answered. I was trying to find any topic about that. I have a document with Art-boards and I would like to change one font that is used in several Art-boards (now is a miss font) by another one. Without selecting every text field and replacing it manually. Thanks
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