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  1. No it happen to multiple images. I don't know what is the reason. I also had yesterday high RAM Usage over 3GB. I have 8GB but Windows, Chrome etc. take some power too. Okay to be fair I had 4-5 Images open I work most times multitasking. But the CPU Overkill was most times at 1-2 Images. I have most times multiple layers. I make Image manipulation, so I have a person and add new clothes to the person, and because every body is other, I need to move the clothes.
  2. Hello no, the image is not for the public. (and also not for PM). But it was not the only image. I have the problems again and again with a lot images.
  3. 1. I mean the option if you click just save yes, then you get a dialog that offers you to save the file in a "special way" or "save in location..." or "cancel". 2. I did checked my System32 and found nothing, I scanned over 1hour my D:/ thats my main HDD for all my Stuff on C:/ is only Windows. I still try to find it
  4. Hi, I just clicked "save" for the project save and then clicked the pixel thing to save it in pixels or something, but then.... nothing. I searched my Documents, my AppData, the installaiton folder, I can not find any .afphoto So, can you tell me where will the save files go if I not click "save under..." Greetings Dracken
  5. I get always the info that the error can not be found
  6. Hi, I did joined the beta and now I did come back and did download the test version to test if I can work with it. And yes I can but... my main tool is the transforming tool and some time, for no reason it kill my I5-3350 3,10Ghz Quad Core cpu. (German error message) I work 90% with transformation and it seems like the tool kill the Software + my CPU And I could lost all my work... which takes hours >_< The Gimp "Iwarp" tool sucks, so i wanna come to you, but with that crash is that pretty risky and it feels unsafe. Please fix i
  7. Die Wörter sind im Englischen auch auseinander geschrieben, daher dachte ich das es im DE. genauso wäre.
  8. Update @Dev's The Equations menu is now more translated. But change Cartesian to "Kartesisch" and "Coordinate System" to "Koordinaten System". @Max Hecks ich lach doch, schau auf mein Bild :)
  9. The new Installer have a little bug for me, if you minimze the window and the installer reload the window because it go to the next step it put the Installer on the left side of the screen. I made a Video (like always). You should skip the Video a bit, because the Installer is very slow -_-.... I did use the repair function to show it again, because I had it already updated. https://youtu.be/J_BDxmhMpgY Could take a bit, that the Video is online ~500Mb is not less <_<.... German Upload speed sucks under 1MB/s.
  10. Ich fand es halt vor allem Schade, dass niemand auch nur einen Blick drauf geworfen hatte :(
  11. That makes me a little bit Sad :( Edit: now it changed to 28views and my 1 reply. m'kay.
  12. I make a German Video only for you! <_<.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmutrdl89Qo It is complete in German and I explain what the bug was. I hope every Staff Member from the dev's did understand the bug in my Video and I have not to make it again if not, I hope Dominik can make the Video for me and explain it in English :) Greetings Dracken P.s.: perfect 3min long the minute :D
  13. Hello Guys, I will collect here my German missing or wrong written bugs. the menu for equations is not translated The description how to use the "Free hand selection tool"(L) have missing translations for polygonal and magnetic and for all other are some words not translated, like DRAG and CLICK that happen to ALL tools explanations. And some other words are not translated, I did marked them for you. Add more maybe soon. Greetings Dracken
  14. NO! 100% Nope, the lasso WAS bugged. I know what i say. It IS a bug that CAN happen -_-... I did show it it with a video and you say I do it wrong... German: Sobald ich die Maus genutzt habe um zu malen ging es nicht, es hat es abgebrochen/nicht angenommen etc. Dieses Problem bestand nicht nach dem Neustart der Software, es war ein Bug, genauso wie mit den Farben die einmal nicht im Protokoll waren. Ich weiß doch was ich tuhe -_-....
  15. I know what a bug is and what not :) I learned already a lot in Gimp but I'm still in learning phase, and I'm sure the affinity Team is happy about every feedback and not only from pro's. So I got a new bug, I had it already a few days ago, I can not use my mouse to ..german: um etwas auszuwählen mit dem lassowrkzeug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1u5GwbpnjE And I found something that is still not translated. @Dominik : I did try this time the color buttons again and this time I got an entry in my protocol and could reset it with strg+z. So it was again a bug :( Looks like
  16. I used strg+z but it did not work :( And I know "apply" :D that is normal for me ;) I know a lot english but I know not everything .
  17. Thanks, I did try it out already, but uhm... how do I save my work? press Enter do not save the work. German: (Sobald ich auf eine andere Ebene klicke ist alles verschobene/verbogene wieder rückgängig, wie mache ich es also wirksam?) I did click just for fun on the color buttons at the top but yeah... I could not reset the color it only reset my transformations :( Is that a bug or why is that not in the protocol list?
  18. Now I understand the transform tool it is AWESOME! Gimp sucks sooo much on that.... :D I found something that I love!! :D I edit my Send to Folder, but it is not the best, I hope you change it soon :)
  19. Hey dominik, I worked today again with it, and sadly yes I did lost the fun with it, so I did go back to gimp. I would say Affinity is better for old Photoshop users. For me as Gimp users, is it too different. It is like learning Japanese, it feels so unfamiliar. I did try to work in the mask with V, but that is just complicated, I really like the modus in Gimp more. I would say, I wait until the Beta is gone and I will come back and take a new look on it. (Ich warte bis die Beta vorbei ist und werfe dann noch mal einen Blick darauf.) I hope the staff will answer on my video
  20. (I colored the English parts) German: Das problem beim "Immer diese App zum Öffnen von .jpeg Dateien verwenden" ist, dass ich ja nicht immer das Bild bearbeiten möchte, manchmal möchte ich mir ja Bilder einfach nur anschauen, wie ich es ja im Video glaube ich auch sagte. Deswegen ist Gimp ja auch nicht gesetzt. Zum normalen öffnen nutze ich Irfanviewer. Zur Maske/Auswahl, den Button für die Maske oben habe ich gefunden; aber Masken sind für mich noch neuland da muss ich mich selbst in Gimp noch reinarbeiten; aber dann markiert er alles rundherum rot aber die mitte bleibt normal sichtb
  21. Okay I will make my Feedback in small part videos, so you can give better feedback on a single clip. I do not upload the video public only for you guys. Generel I must say as Gimp user I have really much problems to find what I need, it is like I come from Europe to China, everything looks so different O_O. To say something positive: In Gimp you can not rotate, move and transform at the same time, you have always end your job and take the next tool to work. In Affinity, you just take an object and do whatever you want with it with only one click, I really missed that in Gimp :) Video
  22. I did try it, I could open it on that way, but I have to set the check box "open it always with affinity", but I don't wanna open it always with an editor, normally I watch images with irfanviewer. So i need something like this: I did understand that, but if you start the tool you get some free pics from official affinity and I did click on export (did learn that in gimp too). But it says no permission. It is like try to edit an pdf. Adobe don't like it if you try to change an pdf. So and affinty give us free images but not the right to save it as .jpg .pnd or whatever. Tha
  23. [i'm German, excuse me if I write something wrong, I will try my best) Hello Guys, I did started with: https://pixlr.com/editor/that is very very simple, then I did get into Gimp ~2months ago. And I learned more and more. So today I saw your Software and I did just try it out. But... I can not really handle it. I am a photo remodeler, I try to give images a new taste, a new view or simply improve the quality. And sometimes I create a image on my own work, but I can that better in Real Life :D So, I started and got really stuck. I will edit this or answer to th
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