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  1. and that's why everybody used blend if in PS instead of proper Luminosity masks right? oh wait, no, your statement is laughable at best.
    Please don't take it personal but let's not sell a non feature as a replacement for an awesome one that AP severely lacks.
    A luminosity mask is better in any way shape or form, and being a mask is intrinsically a selection, blend ranges can't even come close to that.

    Smadell has been the single most proficient helper for anybody using AP for advance post processing that seeks the versatility of using LM.

    Still AP lacks the foundamentals for that kinda workflow, like previewing the mask itself AND clamping it or editing it with levels and curves without resorting to nesting adjustement levels and using alpha components as it currently is (which prevents preview of the mask range).

    Seriously this and some other little usability tweaks are the one things that prevents me from using AP for any kind of serious work or suggeting the program to anyone.

    Would've preferred Serif concentrate on this kinda problem instead of making Light UI the focus of an entire update

  2. On 2/7/2017 at 10:46 AM, abphoto said:

    well , i try to Support too. i only think that e mac/iPad versions are better supported than the Windows versions. i tried to use AP instead of PS but there are really issues first of all in Performance. using 5-6 Layers in PS runs much much smoother. as i work the most time with brush in masking and history brush to manipulate local contrast it is essential to have a Kind of smooth working.and AP in this Moment does not!  Kinds of Fairness i have to say that i work with really large tiffs from Phaseone Backs and Sony A7RII files...

    maybe in s view months dings are going to Change here , i would hope so ;) 

    at this stage, the mac version and the window's seems and feels like two separate application, on the mac is still ok, not faster than PS in any but a couple of ways, on windows is a wreck, a total disaster

  3. Hi guys,
    So, basically the title says it all, AP jitters when zooming/enabling/disabling layers, basically at every click of the mouse AP decides to jitter around.

    I provided a performance setting and an example in the video below, any suggestion on how to solve it?


    Please turn on the resolution to 1080p, and no, the preview jitter is not youtube fault, is far more apparent on my screen when working with AP

    yeah I don't know hot to post a youtube link since it gets deleted so I just attached a .txt file with the link inside, no it's not spam, no it's not ads

  4. Hi guys,
    So, basically the title says it all, AP jitters when zooming/enabling/disabling layers, basically at every click of the mouse AP decides to jitter around.

    I provided a performance setting and an example in the video below, any suggestion on how to solve it?


    Please turn on the resolution to 1080p, and no, the preview jitter is not youtube fault, is far more apparent on my screen when working with AP

    yeah I don't know hot to post a youtube link since it gets deleted so I just attached a .txt file with the link inside, no it's not spam, no it's not ads

    AP preview jitter bug.txt

  5. I guess you are referring to the fact that when we use a curve to tweak a mask in AP, we only get a visual feedback on the layer, not the mask, is that right?


    If that's what you mean, I had the same thought when I found out how this works in AP, although I have to admit I'm OK with the way it works as in the end I have a feedback of the curve adjustment on the actual layer, which after all it's what I'm interested in.

    Basically, in PS it's almost the same thing: you either see what the curve is doing to the greyscale area or what the curve is doing to the actual layer. In AP, you only see the effect on the layer, but then again, is not what we need in the end?


    I am a big fan of this method and I use it all the time and, after the initial confusion, I can tell you I don't miss the greyscale representation.

    Perhaps see if you can get used to it, a few things just need a little more time. After all it's a different environment ;)

    I personally have spent last few months getting used to AP and I now find almost frustrating (!) when I have to go back to PS.


    I know it's a dofferent enviroment, and we can't actually ask serif to giive us PS under a differet name, but man I miss grayscale rapresentation, and as I stated before it's just one of the different thing that bugs me that I find can be solved in a much more simple way, alla in all it's not a deal breaker but all the features that are missing in ap, those that require a lenghty operation and the performance aspect of the program itself do stack up to result in a frustrating xperience I have to admit

  6. That's a completely unfounded and entirely speculative assumption based purely on your own experience, isn't it?

    do we have the ability to synch setting among 100-200 raw images? no, do we have luminosity panels? no, do we have extensive masks refinement based on contrast that doesn't involve creating rasterized layers? no, do we have align layers? no (and live stack does not align anything, it works only in aligning a new stack, thanks but that isn't really useful when I have all my layers opened one on top of the other), do we have create panorama from open files? no, can you pick a color when opening the hsl tool? no...I mean these are basic thing AP shuld be albe to do and are possible, when they are, only by convoluted way that is basically a workflow killer, Am I saying this from my experience? yes, yes I am how should I base my assertion then? there are thing that I find AP does better then PS, and the vast majority of the thing that I do that Photoshop does better.

    And performance, that is just a plain simple fact, Photoshop is faster.

    Is that a speculation in your eyes? cause I did my tests, not because of wanting to see if one program or another take 55 or 52 seconds to complete a task, but because from the time I open my files to when I save them as a completed photo I takes much more time in AP that it does in PS, may that be caused by performance issues or the fact that PS just make some steps faster (hell just think about remove CA).

    Why Am I here then? to complain about a program that I paid and see if I can get the developer to implement features that can save much of my time because I think that AP is a valid program

  7. As I have very limited time right now, I'll respond only about # 1

    You can do it already: just drop a curve to the mask and, that's the important step, choose ALPHA from the drop down menu within the curve window.


    Hope that makes sense.

    I can't check AP at the moment, hope the steps were right.

    I fail to understand how, let's say just for an example that I have my pixel layer, than I have a vibrance ad.layer on top, the mask from that vibrance layer has been created by selecting the highlights, how can you refine now that mask using a curve or level that are for the mask only?


    I'll attach a PS screenshot so that I can make clear of my intention





  8. Hi guys and wonderful Moderators,


    I know it's been probably said in a few posts but I'd like to list some of what I think are a few of the most needed features in AP.

    1. refine masks uusing levels and curves, this is the most important thing, I'm not talking about refine edges or similar, I'm saying that once you created a mask

        to have the possibility to open a curve or levels adjustement for that mask to refine its range, as things are now we are pretty much stuck with the mask as it is at the moment of                         creating it, I just refuse to believe such thing is not available in AP, it's a foundamental feature, I mean AP has equations, EQUATIONS!!! and we can't put in this feature?


    2. Some sort of luminosity masks panel, YES I'll ask for it for as much as it takes, even if it means having you put one in out of desperation for not having to read my every post about  it.
       And I mean a full fledged LM panel, not the select midtones/shadow/highligh thingy, I mean a zones system/varying degrees of shadow/midtones/highlight selection though masks maybe.
      Seriously the channel way of doing it manually as it is now is cumbersome and uneffective, resterize layer to mask? really guys? nice feature but let's just step it up.


    3. color picker when using the HSL tool

    4. More color selection well...selections, blue, red and green are not enough really, maybve axpand to yellow, cyan, magenta.


    5. slice tool to percentage or exact slices, as of right now I find the slice tool really...casual and amateur, would be nice to tell AP to: 'slice the image in 3 part vertically', insted of the free hand tool, which is pretty much useless imo.

    6. suggestion for 3 filters, one is the tonal contrast equivalent, would be nice and save a lot of time having some sort of tonal contrast in the live filters, baybe a dynamic brightness too.
        your glow filter, nice idea, but poorly implemented all it does is blow out the highlight, maybe making it s that it protect saturation and luminance in some way, that's be nice.


    7. create a panorama out of the opened files, same goes for hdr, it's really bothersome having to export all images before having AP create a new pano.


    7 1/2, come on guys, let's just have an 'align layers' option, I don't know if i'm doing somehing wrong but stack create stack in the arrange panel doe snot align anything if you're not opening a brand new set of images, we need to align layers in an opened file.

    Thank you guys for this platform in which you allow us to give suggestion, I know i may sounfd just like the usual run of the mill whyny customer, but I do complain because I believe in this software and its possibility.
    Seriously though, take into consideration these suggestion, let's not just trail behind Photoshop, let's make a clear jump foreward.

  9. I too believe AP is a better choice for most people, still it come short on adobe's counterpart, batch raw file processing is basically non existent, and most people like to develop their files in a raw engine as in lightroom and capture one and then process them in detail in ap or ps, and there lies the prblem, there are still things ap lacks that will make peple go back to ps, not that ap doesn't make good use of some of its feature, but sometimes there are tools you just can't live without (in my case the ability to refine masks with level and curves for luminosity masking). if AP can get that sorted I'm in for life

  10. I have now performed further measurements on my PC:


    1 core: 11 sec

    2 cores: 9 sec

    3 cores: 7 sec

    4 cores: 6,5 sec

    5 cores: 6 sec

    6 cores: 6 sec

    7 cores: 5,5 sec

    8 cores: 5 sec

    8 cores + take no action in assistent: 4 sec


    So most improvements happen on the first 4 cores. The retina setting did not have any speed effect here.


    But even on one core this PC is twice as fast, as my old one with 4 cores. Maybe it is not only the CPU, but also the much better graphic card with fast VRAM.


    Old: Phenom II X4 2,8 GHz + 16GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 Ram + Radeon HD 5770 1GB Graphics

    New: Core i7 7700k 4,5 GHz + 16GB 3200 MHz DDR4 Ram + NVidia GTX 1070 8GB Graphics

    I'd expect that since image editors usually prefer phisical cores rather than logical like in you 7700k, and they do usually like core clock over sheer number of cores, but I digress, Quick question, how are you finding your experience with the new machine, I got AP lately after having tried the beta last year and it feels, well...sluggish at best, And I'm running a core i/ 3.2Ghz, 16 gb ram, gt 845M (yes I'm stuck with my laptop for now)

  11. You are saying you can't paint with black on the mask (it does nothing) when you have the program as shown in your screenshot...

    Please press CTRL + D (to ensure there's no selection active) and try to paint with black on the mask again. Does it work? Are you using a brush from the Basic category (swatches panel) or something else?

    If you could attach the actual afphoto file it may also help.

    I assure you  the brush is a stock one, I can't paint black on a white mask or white on a black mask, I did try every combination on opacity/flow/hardness and did select pure white and pure black brushes, its just hit or miss, but I did notice that even when it does not want to paint on a mask, if I create an empty pixel layer and paint on that directly the brush works, I thought it was due to maybe having 'preserve alpha' checked, but I triple checked and no, it's not selected when I try to paint on a mask, after some restarting it works, to go back to not working the following time, for now I'll just reinstall affinity and try again

  12. Hi Vicks,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    Are you using Windows or Mac?

    Can you please attach the file here so we can take a look and check if we can reproduce the issue?


    Hi MEB, I'm on Windows, and no I just use the mask on the adjustment layer or the one created on a pixel layer when I press create mask, really I'm not using a pixel layer instead of a mask.

    Thing is if I select a portion of the image and then select a mask, or an adjustement layer, the selection gets transferred to the mask no problem, its just the brushing on a mask that its hit or miss.

    In the Screenshot I just added a levels adj. to exaggerate the difference between the two layer but nothing this time



    How did you create your mask?

    A video of your process would be very helpful. (yes, I know you followed a tutorial. Which one btw?)

    Or maybe post the file? 


    ....but my initial guess is that you may have dragged a pixel layer into the mask position. In this case only opacity matters.

    If you place it there and also "rasterize to mask", then you can paint.

    (interestingly though, a fill layer can be used directly as a mask and painted on. no rasterizing needed)


    I assure you I tried this process many times, I just load an image, duplicate it or add a layer adjustement (in which case I don't add a mask since it has it already) and it just wouldn't paint on the mask, restart the application and it does, restart and its blocked, really it works 1 out of every 5 times I tried, and preserve alpha is off btw, I guess is some random glitch at this point

  14. UPDATED: paint brush DOES NOT WORK when painting a mask as shown in affinity tutorial

    2 pixel layers, black mask on the top one, I select the brush and white paint and try to paint on the mask, nothing happens.
    Am I missing something? you paint masks with black and white to mask out or in things right?

    EDIT: can confirm even after watching affinity tutorial on masking, paint bursh does not work atall on a mask, it doesn't wor for painting white nor black, the only available thing is to "paint" the mask with the eraser tool, operation which is not reversable.

    Help, there must be something wrong

  15. Hi guys, I finally got into reediting in AP after a long time.
    I know the questions thatfollows have been answered before, and trust me I searched in the forum but to no avail.

    1-So the first one would be, keyboard and mouse shortcut for increasing and decreasing brush size, as of right now no combination of strokes seems to work.
    And no, left and right bracket keys are no viable option nor do they work on an italian layout keyboard

    2-the slice tool in export persona: I do post images on instagram after having them resized to 2048px on the long edge, so for pano I usually use the clise tool on PS
    and make say a 3 slice off of a pano that has been cropped to 3:1 and export them, so that I can upload them as multipe images to instagram and retain the pano.
    How do I do that in AP? it seems that the slices are only there for free and rectangular slices...any way to tell AP to slice my document in 3 equal part vertically and export them?

    3-Copy one layer mask to another layer/adjustment layer, how do I do that?

    4-when I have something selected and marching ant areon, how do I flood that selection with back or white? (on a layer mask)

    5-I do like lthe stack option for files I already have on my HDD (I don't know what, but it's freaking stupid fast with 16bit tiffs), but let's say I have 4 layers in a document that I want to align, do I simply select 'Live Stack group' from the arrange
    toolbar? since it does not give me the option to align layers i am skeptic It'll actually align them

    PS. I am using English as a language even though I am using an italian layout keyboard.
    BTW, thanks AP team

  16. Hi, what Windows Display Scaling are you using? If it's 200% or higher, it will use a two pass render. The first pass does a low quality render, followed immediately by the high quality version. This is so we can keep the screen updating quickly, even though we're dealing with over 4x the number of pixels.


    Is this what you're seeing?

    seems to be what you're describing, I use 3 screens, all 3 1080p 60hz, and all three are set at 175% scaling

  17. Hi Vicks


    We used a tile preview which allows us to take advantage of the GPU power for rendering. When you move or zoom you change what needs to be shown on each tile which is the cause of the flickering. This usually is too quick to notice especially on higher spec machines. Are you able to provide some specs for you machine? we might be able to recreate a similar setup to look at improving this

    yeas, I've got an intel I7 2.7 Ghz, Nvidia gt950M, 16gigs of ram, windows 10 64 bit, I swear it doesn't look like a normal rebuilding of the preview, it's more like an annoying pizelation of the image for everything that's going on while using AP, mind you it's not unsuable this way, I still get stuff done but it's really really annoying, far from anyother editing software I've used, that's why I thought I'd report it, it doesn't look like a problem with gpu acceleration, more like a bug, but I understand that if that's the case we still are in a beta release.

    Thank you Chris


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