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  1. Works! I have to be a little more careful in my mask usage. Would like to know about the exporting issue when you find out though. thanks!
  2. I try to export the enclosed .afdesign file as .png, "selection without background". The file, which is at 1920x1060 px, switches to 1920x1336 when I choose this, and I enclose the output file, which has the extra 276 pixels on the bottom. Cannot find the culprit. Thanks for your help! greg Logo with Lights.afdesign
  3. Thanks, appreciate it! And playing around with it, but got it working for the task I need it for.
  4. Thanks! I will have to play with it some more, but I am able now to export a .png in the format I want.
  5. I have images with rounded corners which i would like to export. However, I cannot seem to export without the underlying square corners of the canvas appearing. Probably an easy answer, have not found it. I enclose a sample jpg export. Thanks!
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