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  1. Just curious if anyone else was also going against recommendation and doing full projects with the Affinity Publisher beta I believe I've done an annual report booklet, an illustrated children's book, a poster for the state Parks & Rec department, and a run of 1500 wall calendars for a group. I'm still waiting on the annual report to get back in but all of the other projects were done entirely with Affinity software and the final print press files in Publisher beta. Frankly, I've been surprised at how long Publisher stayed in beta, especially with every other software developers generally releasing software way too early and with too many bugs still. Thank you Serif Affnity and thank you dedicated users who have posted solutions to various design issues I've faced before I even knew I would face them! Every time I needed to find a fix to a problem, someone else had already posted a tutorial or workaround!
  2. I had no problems designing a few 10 feet x 2.5 feet vinyl banners for work. I did those in Designer but I just threw the same dimensions in Publisher and also had no issues there.
  3. Hmmm, I count myself as lucky, then. Two of the projects spanned two months and eight months respectively without major hick-ups and issues. I know it wasn't recommended, but I felt it was worth the risk with some extra saving and exports added to the workflow (daily drafts in multiple formats). The alternative was my bosses making me do these projects in Microsoft Publisher. Actually, they did make me do a recent project in MS Publisher and I sent it to press knowing the proof would fail, then did a one-day one-off fixed file in AP. Now Affinity Publisher is in the budget