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  1. Malaussene

    Liquify persona Tool options?

    Oh ok... I was accepted into the beta, downloaded it, and still couldn't find the triangle for showing tools advanced options, so i fiddled around preferences and found out the problem: the twirl tool (and few other liquify persona tools) doesn't have advanced options because counterclockwise and slowly are actually on-screen modifiers. To show them you have to check the option in the "Interface" tab under app preferences. Now everything works as intended. That was no bug after all, just quite an obscure setting
  2. Malaussene

    Liquify persona Tool options?

    Thanks @Alfred.. I guess I'll ask for a beta invite to check if it works!
  3. Hello, I’m trying to use the twirl tool in the liquify persona and want to apply the distortion counterclockwise. I can’t find the option anywhere in the tool options. I tought I would find the triangle near the tool settings to show more options (as in other tools in the photo persona), but there’s no triangle anywhere. Am I missing something or is it a known bug (I did a quick search on the forum but couln’t find anything about it)? Attaching a pic for clarity’s sake. Thanks for helping!
  4. Malaussene

    A strange bug

    Same bug happens to me all the time. I can select layers, but selecting layers doesn't select the relative object on the artboard. If I restart affinity everything works fine for a little wile then it begins this strange behaviour once again. I'm not able to figure out if there's some specific tool that triggers the bug..

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