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  1. Here's a "me too" response. the attached image is a composite of 3 images. A screen grab from AP, a screen grab from AD of the same imaged, and the third image is the image exported to a jpg.as you can see from the AP screen grab the line is extremely jagged. the same image opened in AD is still jagged but less so. and the jpg export is smooth as I would expect all to be. I can't pin down whether this started with a macOS update or an AP update. but it happens with all shapes (which are not horizontal or vertical), and happens with text as well. as you can imagine, this makes it v
  2. Good morning, afternoon, or evening. If have been using AP on my iPad she nice its release and am on the current version From the beginning I have not seen the AP folder on iCloud when attempting to import or export a project, as I have seen in tutorials and screenshots. Yesterday I was working with AP on my MacBook and noticed the AP folder had appeared in my iCloud Drive. The morning, I started up AP on my iPad with the intention of continuing some work on a project I had started on my MacBook. When looked at the iCloud when attempting to import the project the AP folder
  3. I have both AP for macOS as well as iPad. I have seen the iCloud folder for AP in several of the tutorials. I don't have the AP folder at all in my iCloud.
  4. Don't I look stupid?! No sooner than I posted this, did I find where the US standard paper/print sizes are available. Please ignore that part. Or delete the post all together. Thank you again. ~Brian
  5. Nice work BTW. I happily purchased Photo for macOS sometime last year, and recently iPad. Thrilled with both. Just a couple of annoyances. 1) It would be really nice if one had a preference option for Imperial vs Metric measurements and set one or the other as default. This could included a set of default preset sizes that match USA paper and print sizes. We use, 8.5x11 in standard paper size (there are several other standards as well). Not A4. For print we have 8x10 5x7 2x3 etc. all in inches. Yes, I can select inches when I create a new document. However, I have to selec
  6. I see this as well when Mac returns from sleep. Image work area is black, regardless of layer or layers set to visible. The only way to recover seems to be close the file then reopen or open another.
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