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  1. I would like to request support for the colorperfect plugin in AffinityPhoto. It is a tried and true plugin that works under photoshop and photoline in maintaining color integrity on scans or digital images. http://www.colorperfect.com/colorperfect.html?lang=en Kind regards, Tom Cotton
  2. Hello, In honesty I have found the built in dust and scratch filter not very useful. Have a look at the old ancient polaroid filter. If there is anyway to incorporate a filter like this it would be very helpful to my workflow. http://anaussiebrekkie.com/2016/10/19/tutorial-install-polaroid-dust-scratch-remover-osx/ kind regards
  3. I have two Questions; Is there a tutorial for using the dust and scratch filter? - I'm not having much luck with it at the moment. It seems to blur the whole photo before many of the noticeable scratches disappear. Or does anyone know how to get the Polaroid Dust and Scratch filter to work under affinity? - You can read about it here. It's ancient and free but still works rather well standalone, even under osx (see here). Cheers, Tom Cotton