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  1. Hi. When trying to import .afpalette from desktop version, i cannot. When making a custom palette by manual picking colors from document, i manage to save them as a application palette, yet when opening created swatch in new or other document, i cannot. Will an import from any Affinity OS version (via icloud or other via's) be possible in future? Or am i missing something? Thanks.
  2. Hi. I cannot import a .psd file created and exported with the Sketchclub app in affinity photo ios. It crashes everytime. The .psd file is exported to icloud drive and imported from affinity photo. I think there is a problem with the created .psd file. Is there a chance that it's an unsupported file? I'll add the .psd. I can import the file in photoshop, and on desktop version of affinity when first opened and exported in ps. Should i contact the developer of Sketchclub app too? Thanks. sketch.psd