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  1. Mark, But I know problem that uninstalled old drivers can causes. In my 8 years career I've used this tablet with Adobe Suite, Painter, Zbrush and also all free software I could find, on many working stations and I never have problems like with Affinity Designer. And I wonder why, if you know that people will be using this software that most likely are familiar with similar or much more complex interfaces, why your advice is like: do you enabled this function? I've started this subject a year ago. Honestly, my expieriences with your product is frustrating one. I lost my money and time, but you don't seem to care.
  2. Hi Mark, thank you for your reply. Yes, I've checked the latest drivers. Well, if I woudn't have tried all options that I can see in the interface, I woudn't have bothered anyone else But thanks for the idea.
  3. Hi, After almost one year later and after the last update, I must sadly say 'pressure sensitivity' option still doesn't work for me. And doesn't work at all, for example I can only see this on the movie: https://vimeo.com/108814996
  4. Hey QA, I'll be waiting for the solution, then. Many thanks! :)
  5. Hi, I've just bought Affinity Designer for Windows (I have Windows 8.1 pro). Unfortunately, pressure sensitivity on my tablet Wacom Intuos doesn't work. I've read everything related to this topic and tried every solution written on this forum. Still, nothing works for me :( I really need the solution, cause this feature is very needed in my commercial project - frankly speaking, I bought Affinity mostly because of this project, so I hope you'll find solution in the nearest future.
  6. Ok, I will try that. Thanks :)
  7. Hi! I wonder, if there is a possibility to change background colour of the upper toolbar? I've found "Customise Toolbar" options, but I can not see anything about the background colour. And when I change "artboard background grey level" to lighter, which I prefer, then the header section is too visually heavy and focus my attention too much. So I would like to ask you, if there is any possibility to give the lighter colour option of toolbar to the new upgrade of your program? It would be awesome! And yet there is another thing that distracts me, although just a little this time... ;) When I'm in the Node Tool mode, then the round curve points are little too big and I can not see the line clearly (like you can see on this strange animal, that I've attached). Is there any option I can choose to make them smaller in the Node Tool mode? BTW, I've observed Affinity from some time and I really like your program and your friendly approach! And wish you best luck on the market :)