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  1. Totally agree, very aggravating! Please fix and also make a proper nudge tool.
  2. Thank everyone, I got the download. Alfred your advice worked, I had not been clicking on “New to Affinity”. Now to watch some tutorials! ‘All your help is much appreciated! claudia
  3. I’ve had Affinity Photo for iPad and I also have Designer for Mac for quite some time. I’m trying to create an account, how do I do this? I would like to get the new enhancements. I cannot find “create new account” on the Affinity home page. ‘Thanks for any advice. Claudia
  4. Thanks Meb for the reply. Yes I bought Designer for my Mac and Photo for my iPad. That’s all I have purchased. ‘I cannot find “New to Affinity” on the Affinity website.
  5. ‘Thank you but it still does not recognize me. I have no problem signing here in the forums but it will not recognize me to the link you provided.