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  1. I've been slowly trying to populate my assets pane and its quite annoying that there is only the category and sub category to work with. I'm not looking for a windowsesque infinity of folders but it would be nice if we could have an alpha category or another layer of sub category. For example, say I create a website, social media, icons or w/e category and populate them with different categories and sub categories. Just 1 more level to keep things clean and tidy. Was thinking something like Websites/Footers/ [Cullyns] GradeUi Bootstrap Foundation etc Icons/ Font Awesome Foundation Material Design Hancon etc And others (Misc/DaubPapers, social media broken down by brands) as need be to clean it all up rather than just having a really long list of asset categories then a list of like 22 dropdowns (in GradeUI's case) full of assets. A couple more ideas: Being able to organise the sheets so its easier and faster to find items would be great. Being able to drag the categories up and down the list would be great rather than re-populating it also regardless of the order you installed them, your favourites or most used should be easiest to get to. Unless this is already possible, can we import an asset sheet as a sub category? that might be a useful quick fix (did he just say quick fix? (lol not a programmer!)) for all the icon assets at least though I'm not sure how having hundreds of icons in one sheet will affect the programs performance. Anyways, loving the program, looking forward to seeing where all this goes.
  2. Hey yeah, that makes sense, I should have considered price fluctuations. Thanks for the quick reply and ill be making the purchase. is it EUR? ok lol sorry I'm so cheap :p I'm broke atm and while there are apps from adobe I REALLY want atm I don't want to pay 700 bucks a year for their service. Really looking forward to you guys offering an InDesign alternative, also a sketch/ XD alternative would be awesome too.
  3. Hi there, I want to take you guys up on the offer but was curious why the price for New Zealanders is up $3 the Current exchange rate for 39.99 usd to nzd is 56.8740 and while I understand rounding the number out im not sure what the extra $3 charge is about.. are you just rounding it to the nearest $_9.99 to keep up the sexy?
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