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    Photoshop Plugins

    Dear MEB, THNK you for getting back to me so quickly. Michael
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    Photoshop Plugins

    MEB, I am a newbie to both Affinity Photo, and Aurora 2017, but am immersing myself in the paid and unpaid tutorials. My question, if you have time, is whether I can use Aurora as a plug in to Affinity, and how do I export a bracket of images from Affinity into Aurora? Michael
  3. Hi All, I'm a complete and utter newby, just downloaded Affinity Photo unto my iMac, which is running Sierra. In the reviews of Affinity Photo, it clearly states that it is possible to do several editing chores on images located in the Photo App on a Mac. I have tried for over an hour now, and can't find any photos. The Photo App icon is greyed out. I also use Photoscape, which shows my directory, and has allowed me to access my photos. Is there a way inside Affinity Photo to open your directories to get at images in the Photo App on my iMac? Any help gratefully appreciated. Mikey