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  1. Is there a simple way to fit a canvas (not an art board) to the size of a cropped image? :)
  2. I did as you said, and did not achieve the result. The Gaussian Blur didn't work. BUT I got it another way. I went to lighter color blend mode after inverting, and achieved a nice pencil drawing -- with shading -- actually nicer than expected.
  3. I followed these steps: make extra bg layer. On 1st layer, b&w adj. Then, Blend Mode Color Dodge. Then invert. On the second bg layer, b&w adj. What I got was all white. I tried to follow from there with the video but the menu item was not present. What I need, if you don't mind, is a list of steps for Affinity Designer. I'm just not getting it from the picture.
  4. Please forgive me for being a novice, but I tried the settings in the thumbnail and had the wrong result. Can you spell out the steps for me?
  5. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but as you can see in my profile pic I once figured out the steps it takes to create a sketch from a photo. But now, when I go to View>Outline with the same photo, I get a blank canvas. Can someone help me out? (I'm in pixel mode, but I tried it in regular mode, too.) :)
  6. thanks. I'll try another object. The one I used was an old one not made on Affinity Design.
  7. I tried both a photo and a vector graphic and when I go to outline, all I get is a transparent canvas. How do I make outline work? I tried the split view and it still just showed the canvas. :)
  8. Are there any archives of extra image brushes and smoke brushes I can import into Affinity Designer? Free or priced.
  9. How do I turn the marquee tools back on? I'm looking for the smart selection brush and have deduced it has something to do with the marquee tools, but now I don't see them on the toolbar.
  10. Twice. It's a bit inconvenient but it works. Thanks for the help.
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