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  1. Four Four creative

    Printing in PMS colors

    Thanks guys! :D
  2. Four Four creative

    Printing in PMS colors

    Hello Fixx, Thank you for your advice. That were my thoughts as well! I have 1 question for you; - How do i setup my document for Pantone colours in terms of "Type", "Colour Format" and "Colour Profile"in the document settings? Thank you in advance Fixx
  3. Hi there, I'm quit a newbee with Afiinity Designer. I love the software program and how easier it is compared to Adobe Illustrator. I have a question. I made a business card for myself that i want to be printed out in CMYK or PMS colors. I have included an example how it will be. 1) The color in picture A is a bright neon color, this is how i love it to be in a printed form. But this was made in RGB/8 . I know if you want something to be printed professionally that it has to be made in CMYK. 2) The color in picture B is the same design, but with the colors converted to CMYK. It hasn't the same effect as the one in RGB. Less brighter. How can i have the same bright color from the RGB version in a CMYK or Pantone version so that i can be send to a professional printing office. Could you please show me in a few simple steps how i can achieve this? :) Thank you in advance. Visitekaartjes Four Four RGB - front 2017.afdesign Visitekaartjes Four Four CMYK - front 2017.afdesign