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  1. Thank you very much, Aammppaa, I really appreciate. I've played with the features you mentioned but still I'm not there. I was trying to make the Outer Glow less intense, but the glow nearly disappeared. The Inner Glow was already there. Gradient Overlay, Contrast and Vibrance didn't effect the glow. I'm starting to think that maybe my "goal picture" looks different because I was working on a low quality original. Is it possible that picture reacted differently to the manipulations because it just had less pixels at the beginning? AP
  2. Hello Friends, I'm a newbie. I'm working on a picture of a diamond with a glow around it. I am mad at myself because I've already achieved the effect I wanted, but I was working on a lower quality picture (not the "master file") and I've deleted the file I was working on and kept the small print screen only. So there is no trace of how I've made it. But at least I know it is possible in my wonderful Affinity Photo. Maybe you can help? I would be very grateful. I've already spent many hours and I'm on the edge to give up. I just can't make it. The question is, what features apart from the "outer glow effect" have to be used to achieve the effect? I'm attaching two print screens here - 1) Were I am now; and 2) What I need to achieve. Aurea Prima
  3. Hello, I've just made a mistake - I've clicked Remove on one of the Styles (my favourite one - Metal) in Affinity Photo. Is there a way to recover the deleted style? Best Regards AureaPrima
  4. Thank you, MEB! i got it! As you have guessed,it's NTFS. Can change it into FAT32 without loosing the date stored?
  5. Thank you, MEB. I have no idea, unfortunately, but this information may be useful some day. Will any of them work for saving the Affinity files?
  6. I'm using WD Element USB 2.0. It was formatted for my PC. Maybe this is the cause of not wanting to co-operate with my new baby Mac.
  7. Hi MEB, thank you! You are right! :) It works when I export to other places! Great! I really love the Affinity! Kind Regards J
  8. Hi Lee D, thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately, exporting to png and jpg doesn't work and exporting persona as well. :( Kind Regards J
  9. Hi, I'm trying the Trial version of Affinity Photo. I've opened my psd file and wanted to save it. The problom is saving doesn't work, as well as "save as: or "export". Please, help. I was really excited about your new software.

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